NW Steel Design, LLC works with CBC which is a division of Nucor Steel.

CBC History & NUCOR

CBC Steel Buildings has been manufacturing custom metal building solutions since 1984. From their office and plant located in Central California, they are capable of servicing 12 Western States, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada as well as many overseas Markets. In 2007, CBC was acquired by Nucor Corporation. Nucor is the largest steel producer in the United States and has not experienced a layoff due to lack of work in over 40 years. Nucor was recently honored by Forbes Magazine as the number one company in America’s Best Big Companies Honor Roll and by Business Ethics magazine’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens list. Nucor is also North America’s largest recycler of steel. Over the years, CBC’s growth and development has progressively increased due to our experienced staff and their genuine drive and ingenuity. Their continued success and position in the industry as a leading metal building manufacturer is due an expansive Builder Base. With the extensive experience of CBC Builders and Staff, expansive Quality Products, and unparalleled Customer Service, there is no doubt that CBC has and continues to provide the right fit in working with NW Steel in finding solutions for each building project.

This has been a great partnership for it gives NW Steel Design, LLC a great support system and ready access to designers and engineers with just a phone call. CBC has also shown great support to in the consulting and design at each stage of the project.

NW Steel Design, LLC chooses CBC to work with for the following reason. CBC Steel Buildings is one of only two MBMA approved full production manufacturing plants in the state of California. They have been manufacturing custom metal buildings since 1984. From their office and plant they have become one of the largest steel building suppliers in the west. Their trademark for success has been industry leading service, and the highest product quality based on MBMA statistics. They specialize in complex building projects and are known for our flexibility and schedule performance. Their approach to custom projects is to assign a project team that assures continuity with all project requirements and provides value engineering to accomplish the best building at the best possible cost. They also have the design capability to produce whatever frame structure your project requires. For these reasons NW Steel Design, LLC has had a very successful partnership working with CBC. Another thing that has attracted me to CBC is the fact that it is MADE IN THE U>Steel Design has had a very successful partnership working with CBC. Another thing that has attracted me to CBC is the fact that it is MADE IN THE U.S.A.

In addition to providing NW Steel Design, LLC with the best and highest quality building products, here are a few more reasons why CBC remains the best choice for us in bringing to you your building needs. Their metal building systems and products are:

• Supplied by an American Company
• Designed and Detailed in America
• Made from Steel Manufactured in America
• Fabricated in American-Owned Facilities with American workers

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